Whenever you visit HNconnect, the first thing you’ll see is your Dashboard. Here you’ll have a snapshot of your business Activity, Tasks and key Metrics.


Your Profit

This section is exclusively available on HNconnect! See your profit for your entire business broken down in 30, 90, or 180 day increments or see a breakdown by sales channel: Nutrition Club, GoHerbalife.com, Customer Direct and Retail. Quickly gauge your performance without making complicated calculations!


Your Customers

Get a pulse on your business at a glance by viewing all First Time Purchasers, Repeat Purchasers and Inactive Customers in the last 30, 90, 180 days. Click through to view a customer’s contact card and view their order history or details about which Journeys they are on.


Your Activity Feed

The activity feed allows you to see everything that’s happening in your business like contacts opening Journey emails, customer purchases, and downline who took action on a Coaching Plan.